Sunday, July 13, 2008

Employer vs Employee

Lets explore the basic differences of an employee and employer offhand...

As an employee

You work for someone,
To put food on table,
To put cash in your bank,
And have more to spend.

You work hard,
To get good appraisal,
You work OT (overtime),

And never get paid extra.

When there is no increment,
And also any bonuses,
You bitched about Mr. B. (Mr.B=boss)
About how unfair he is.

You hope someday,
He'll appreciate,
And give you,
All that's due to you.

As an Employer

You're Mr.B,
You worry about overhead cost,
You worry about business and money,
You worry how you can sustain.

You work your staff hard,
You pay the minimum Employee's Act allow,
You ask your staff to save,
So you can reduce your overhead.

You promise nothing,
You tell them nothing,
You give them nothing,
Till you will have extra.

But how can there be extra,
When you worry all the time,
As your wealth is at stake,
Through this business of yours.


So the irony is, there will never be enough.
Life is never fair.
Hence, whether you're an employer or an employee,
Most of the time, it's never fair.

If you think being an employee is bad, try setting up your own business to feel the burden.

Yes, indeed you get the bigger cake of profits (IF you profit) but definitely, initially, you have to put in a bigger cake of liability. (meaning you lose more if you make losses)

Employees just have to work and get paid monthly but bosses have to make sure money keeps coming in.

If life is fair, everyone will get their share.
In the mean time, quit grumbling and enjoy the day!! :)

Money will never be enough... though sometimes, you wish Mr. B will give you the bonus for a trip to Europe or an increment to allow you to pay for the house you wanted)
No harm, dreaming... :P


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