Friday, July 25, 2008

Disney vs Warner

Disney or Warner animation?

It's an obvious answer. Definitely, I'll choose Disney animations over Warner any time of the day. Why?

Don't tell me you have never watched any Disney animation?

From the lovely hand-drawn characters of Snow White or the Lady and the Tramp to the computer-animated character of Tarzan, I have grown-up watching these dear characters as Disney's style evolve with the change of times.(Am still watching, so not fully grown-up? Hmmm) Although, honestly, I still prefer the hand-drawn animations. Something very personal and elegant about them.

Characters like: Dumbo with his big floppy ears and sad eyes, the innocent,hopeful, wishful-looking Belle or even the naughty-street-rat Aladdin. All these characters have been part of my life. If I were to list every single Disney animation and the reasons why I love them, I have to write a book. Ha!
I remember being a kid and wanting to work in Disney one day. Just drawing cartoons. I remember doodling with a friend to a few books of "cartoon" to the extend one of our primary school friend offered to buy a volume. We sold it at RM5. Ha!
I have to admit, there are a few other companies who are coming up with memorable animations. Another must-see-animations are those by Pixar Animation Studios. Their strategy of creating lovable characters who can charm even an old-jaded adult to love the show. (Do take note that Disney have bought over Pixar in 2006)

Anyway, take a look at cute little "Boo" squealing and fooling around with big giant monster, Sully in Monster's Inc.
What about Nemo, the clownfish who got the whole world suddenly calling all clownfish they see Nemo? This is very evident when you visit the Aquarium.

The next is Dreamworks Animation Studio. Their latest animation, The Kungfu Panda has even the parents who brought their kids to the movie, roaring in laughter. Seriously, you HAVE to watch it. I'm not kidding. Besides the stellar cast for the voices, the storyline and funny scenes will definitely tickle your funny bone.
Some others are so-so, but another notable DreamWorks animation is Shrek. Who cannot forget the green ogre who won the beautiful princess, Fiona, who happens to be an ogre too? Talk about soulmate..
Ahhhh... however, if you're really a fan of Disney like my bf is, he even noticed actresses who do the voices of Belle, Little Mermaid, etc. in the movie Enchanted. I never knew that or bothered to. The songs are lovely and the story is hilariously romantic.
Whatever happens, whenever you're sad and down, remember: watch a Disney or Pixar movie and you're back to your little happy-go-luck child again! :)

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