Friday, July 25, 2008

Fail-X (direct translation to Bahasa Melayu)

Remember watching Agent Mulder and Agent Scully?
Well, they're back in a movie called X-Files: I Want to Believe.

I truly wanted to believe it was worth seeing. I won free tickets to watch it tonight. Therefore, off to the cinema, I went! Unfortunately, Midvalley proves itself to be a horror of horrors.
It took me 40 minutes to enter the carpark; rounding unnecessarily around Midvalley in a stop-and-go traffic because they closed some roads especially the entrances to certain car parks and divert you around a maze. As usual, even on weekdays they want to put me off from going to Midvalley. On weekends, it can take me almost an hour to find a parking lot! I literally loathe going near Midvalley these days.

Anyway, the movie was like its series - just a longer version. Mulder and Scully are together... Hmm.. I'd better not reveal too much since someone is going to watch it next week. Just take notice on the images they flash on the screen to catch the plot.

In the meantime, a catch phrase: I want to believe.
Yes, I really want to believe shopping malls shouldn't be allowed to profit so much when they are badly design in terms of parking and road circulation! :p

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