Sunday, August 03, 2008

Guardian Angel

Today, my Senior Pastor mentioned about angels. He mentioned that everyone of us have at least a guardian angel. He has two guardian angels which he and a few others have seen.

I truly believe there is a guardian angel looking after all of us. Not too sure to the extend of a "24 hours bodyguard" role but "he/she" is there.

I believe so because if not, how could I survive so many "accidents" when you accidentally, close your eyes a little too long while you drive and could nearly rammed into other car in the other lane. Or perhaps when you clumsily crossed the road without noticing an incoming car? Or some other accidents which could equate to the horrifying sudden deaths of the movie, Final Destination.

Perhaps, you'll say, that's the doing of the other person's guardian angel. :P

Whatever it is, I believe God sent me a guardian angel to protect me from harm. :)
It makes me feel safer and at peace; knowing my guardian angel is there watching me but that doesn't mean you should test "him/her"!

However, it makes me more at rest knowing God loves me and cares about me that much.
Somehow, when I see little figurines or dolls of angels, I tend to smile and be reminded of that feeling of protection. I bought one little angel recently as seen here. Expensive but too adorable to resist!
Remember City of Angels? Sad story but notice how they portray the angels in the movie?

Anyway, despite all this, remember the main thing, that God loves you as you are His cherish children of His kingdom. Now, He's telling me to go to sleep, since I have to work tomorrow. :p

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