Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Secured Security.... NOT!

I am very disappointed and unhappy when I read this article in the Star paper recently.
How can the security guards in the airport be so indifferent and irresponsible?
We are forced to removed all our precious documents and belongings when we enter the airport to scan through our body for dangerous items. During these few seconds and unfortunately minutes if the scanner beeps, your personal items are left vulnerable on the conveyor belt after being scanned through.
How can that "family" take an extra hand bag and laptop bag along with all their hand luggage? First of, how can the security guards there not bothered at all? It is their job to make sure our luggage do not contain harmful items but it is also their responsibility to keep an eye on it when we are being scanned! Do they assumed our valuables are part of the tax or for other greedy people's taking?
I never realised how sad our society is getting when you are no longer secured under the eyes of security guards in the security check-point of a supposedly-secured-airport. You haven't got me started on the retrieval of check-in-luggage on arrival yet... Sighh... read the article yourself and comment.

Thursday July 31, 2008

Bags go missing at KLIA departure hall

ON July 26, I sent my daughter to KLIA to catch the 4.35pm Jetstar plane to Singapore. It was about 3.30pm when I saw her going through the Immigration counter and waving goodbye.

Later, I was to learn of her horrifying experience. As she went through the metal detector and x-ray machines before going into the departure hall, she put her handbag, laptop and document bag through the machines.

The bell sounded as she wore a metallic belt. There were security people around and she was given a body check. Once done, she turned to get her things and they were gone!

Yes, her handbag and laptop bag had gone missing. She panicked and asked the security people. Nobody seemed to know where her things were or who took them.

Mind you, her wallet, mobile phone and personal items were in her bag and her precious documents and laptop in the other.

The poor girl was so horrified and yet those security people could not help. Her presence of mind told her that the family before her could have taken her things.
She quickly went searching for the family with a security officer in tow. And lo and behold, she found the family and yes, they had her things.

A quick check and her things were still safe in her bags, the family said sorry and that was it. The security officer just stood by and did not say a word.

I should have thought the proper thing would be to haul the family up and detain them for questioning. Did they mistakenly take my daughter’s bags or did they steal them from under the noses of security?

KLIA should review the CCTV recording and make sure that when our things go through the x-ray machines or metal detector, they are safe and returned to the owners.

When we are stopped and given a body check, we have to turn our backs and leave our things out of sight for a few minutes. If the security people cannot safeguard our things for those few minutes what is the point of putting so many people there.

At least five to six officers were on duty there. I wonder if this has happened to others. I am sure this is not the first case, neither will it be the last by the look of things.

Please investigate how it could have happened because I shudder to think what could have happened to my daughter had she lost all her precious belongings.

Many of my friends and relatives were appalled at this lack of security when I told them our story. The ‘tak tahu’ attitude has to change. Even if I wanted to give teh family the benefit of doubt, my sixth sense tells me how can anyone take two bags which do not belong to them by mistake!

Seri Kembangan.

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