Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Online Games

Oh no, first it was Facebook.
Then, Mousehunt in Facebook.

Now the ultimate addiction is here for me. I have started playing online games!! Argghh!!

Well, this is my second night playing it. What has gotten my attention?

"Legend of Golden Plume is a cartoon-style real time fantasy MMORPG where you will find a wonderland - all of your friends, NPC, monsters are very cute! You can change your appearance easily; even disguise yourself to a pet, jumping here and there in the street to attract a lot of attentions!" Pets like the bobi is shown below.
My bf set up the account for me with a typical image for a simple character (the swordsman) and a silly name. If it were me, I would have chose a cute little female mage. But I'm not going to create another character. Below is my character and my pet.

Swordsman cannot throw fireball from afar!! He has to go hand-in-hand battle which increases his injuries and making him slow in battling. My team members just throw fireballs at the monsters!! The "monsters" are cute adorable creatures which you can catch and make it into your allied pets to battle with you.
Sigh.. well, more updates as I progress in the game. Last night I managed to reach Level 19. Tonight, I only managed to reach Level 20 but I met two new team members!

In the meantime, AC (male) you recommended this game and yet I have not seen you online to teach me how to play!! Thankfully I met some new "friends" just now who I could go battling together.... :) Till then, signing off...

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