Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sexual offender

What prompts my outrage on sexual offenders in my previous entry? I saw this image in Ms. Gan’s blog. :P (Kidnapped from her multiply page without her permission.. yet.) It shows a hand over a women's breast.

It reminded me of an incident which clearly shows men disrespect for women’s body.

I was in my lower secondary school. I was waiting for my parents to pick me up after Pn. Asiah’s tuition (which was in her house in a housing area). I think most of the other students have left so I lingered around waiting outside her house next to the road.

A young boy came cycling around the area and on pretense asked me for some directions. Naïve me, I looked around to see where he wanted to go when that happened. He molested me like that image and then he cycled of. Sigh.

Looking back, I wondered how I could have prevented that? Should I have stayed inside my tuition house? Should I blame my parents for being late in fetching me? Or was it that everyone went back on time? Whatever it was, it was in the past but serves as a reminder to myself to be careful and more cautious in the future.

I suspect this young boy was being mischievous and daringly tried something when no one was around. Therefore, when you think you are alone, take a good look around your surrounding and listen to your instincts. There could be a crazy inconsiderate person lurking around to cause you harm since “no one is looking”.

I wonder is that the beginning of a sexual offender?

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