Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I mentioned previously in another blog entry, I’m playing an online game called Legend of the Golden Plume(LGP) with my fellow friends in Singapore (AC and CP).

It started out as a bait to lure CP to play it instead of Mousehunt(MH). When he saw me playing and proceeding to higher level than him, he started focusing on this game to catch up with me.

After a week, it worked, AC and I laughed at how we got CP to be hooked to LGP. But he is still playing MH at the same time. See how cute the "monsters" we are supposed to kill look like!
Second week came; I played after work (since it required installation of a programme). Then I knew I was hooked when in the middle of the 3rd week, my internet connection was out. I was frustrated at not being able to go online. I even played the few minutes in between whenever the connection was available. My character died whenever my line got disconnected!

I guess competitiveness does lure the person into doing something.

Now those two guys are laughing at me since they claim they have advanced to level 45-50; leaving me behind at level 38. Arghh.. should I try to catch up or go cold turkey? Stop playing altogether… hmmm….

8 Sept 2008
My friends quit playing LPG. So did I.. I only managed to play for 3 weeks and they got bored. Oh well, now I'm back to RL (real life)... haha

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