Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lost Cash

I believe Earl will say something like, “It’s Karma. It will all come back to you.” (From the series: My Name Is Earl)

My colleague shared a dilemma he was in. He found a wallet with few hundred Ringgit. There were also some name cards, a driving license and ATM receipts. He told me that he was going to use the money to make some purchases like perfume or a new sofa. I was shocked. I told him, “No… return it. If it were your money, you would want someone to return it.”

He asked, “Who on earth would return money they found nowadays? If you lose few hundred Ringgit, do you think you will ever see it again?”

I answered, “Well, why not? You could be the first to do so. Just return it since there is an address and name card with the contact number.”

He said, “But I saw his ATM receipt which states he has a balance of 7000 plus Ringgit.”

I replied “That is not the issue. (I think he assume he has a few thousand; so losing a few hundred does not matter) He might have withdrawn this money to say buy milk for his child or do some payment.”

He answered, “Why you all say the same thing? The other colleague told me if I buy the perfume and use it, my skin will stink.”

I could only chuckled at my other colleague’s tactic quietly.

I ended our conversation with this final words, “Whatever you decide, at least mail back the driving license to the owner. I hope you’ll return the money. Quickly decide. If not, the temptation from the devil is there to use it.”

I silently pray he will return the money to the owner. If not, what more can I do?

Have you ever lose something? Have you ever wish it was return to you? What if the situation is reversed? Would you return the ten dollar bill you found? Would you return the extra change the cashier gave you? Would you worry about it?

I myself have carelessly misplaced stuff which makes me worry. These days, I’m amazed how things turn up when you don’t think too much about it.

My experience

Once, I was the treasurer to keep the money for the students of our batch for that year. It was money for some general purchases or small events we could hold. Somehow, I didn’t want to carry the money along with me, so I left it underneath the seat of my car. Imagine that, I forgot about it totally that day.
Few days later, I happily sent my car to be washed and vacuumed inside. On that particular day, I collected my car and went back. Suddenly I recalled about the money and I frantically ran to my car to check if it was there. Lo and behold, the coin purse with all the cash was still there. It could only mean two things to me. One, my guardian angel is looking out for me or two, the guys who cleaned my car didn’t really clean it properly. ;)

Anyway, I thanked God. (I was worried because it was not entirely my money!!)

p.s. He is returning the money to the owner this Thursday! Praise the Lord! :)

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