Sunday, June 29, 2008

Scratches and dents

I was watching an episode of CSI and was amazed on how they tracked down the car which got hit-and-run by another car through the paint left on the indentation of the car. They traced the specific paint code to the car-maker and found the model which uses it.

I wonder, if this technology could be used here. For what, you may ask?

It's for all the scratches, dents and scrapping marks found on my car after I left it in any open parking areas. It is to find out ALL the inconsiderate drivers who happily left their marks and punches into my car.

What will I do with them when I find them? Hmmm... Never thought of it. Let me ponder on it.(Anyway, thankfully not brand new car.. but it was my parents' brand-new looking car which now looked so worn and scratched and dented in many places!)

Design flaw
First of all, I would like to blame architects. Why? It is because they had to design the minimum 2.4m by 4.8m parking lots and sometimes cheat to make it smaller to fit in more carparks. Don't deny it.. :P
Second, I blame the clients for insisting more gross floor area (bigger floor area) to maximise the site to gain more profit. This in turn left insufficient space for any car parks. Hence, they force the architects to be a criminal to squeeze in more car parks when they is no more space to put them!

Third, the authorities who decided on the sizes for the car parking lot. It is time, they revised the sizes. Have they seen the huge long cars we have on the road these days? Have they ever parked next to a lorry? Have they came back to their car to find the doors with wonderful scratching "signatures"? Or perhaps most people don't care.

Seriously, I notice people don't really care especially if it's not their car.

Once, my colleagues and I went for lunch with our boss. My colleague happily swung the car door wide into the next car. There was a deep dent on the other car. I can feel the pain of the car; like a slit into my skin but she was oblivious.

Another time, I just parked and waited in my car since a mpv (multi-purpose-vehicle) pulled right into the empty parking lot on my right. The mpv was quite close since the parking lot is the basic size. The man who came out of the car and happily swung open the door into my car with me sitting there and starring at him. He just said "opps and sorry" then happily walked across the road as if nothing happened. Sigh.

Then, once I was in the car with my friend. He was trying to park into a 45 degrees parking lot but misjudged and knocked into a car next to the lot. He happily reversed out and parked two parking lots away as if nothing happened. I was aghast! But what did I do? What can I do? I was getting a ride from him. I just gave him a look and mumbled under my breath.

I have my share of surprises from thick-skinned drivers like him. Once I came back to my car to find that someone rammed into the back of my car. I need to change the back lights and fixed the back bumper, not to mention some touch-up painting. When I asked the people in the shop (which is right in front of the place I parked my car) about the accident, everyone shrugged and didn't bother. Sad..

Twice, I found my car scrapped at the sides from drivers who don't know how to drive out their own parking lot. They had to drive into my car to reverse/drive out from their parking lots. My car got scrapped once behind and another time in the front. The front one required me to change the left sidelights!

I don't really like owning a car and all the maintenance that goes with it. I find that the saddest part of forking out the money for my car is fixing up the car when you didn't do anything wrong but parked it at a spot for people to torment your poor 'lil car.

In the end, what can we do? Revenge back at other poor unsuspecting drivers? (especially brand new car owners.. ha ha ha... evil laugh)..

Nooo.. I guess, I'll just suffer in silence as I see my car deteriorate through slashes and beatings by other drivers; like a child tortured with caning...
Unless of course, since human beings don't know how to park a car, we need to resort to mechanical parking like this... ;)


Alina said...

Aiya, architects don't "cheat" on car park dimensions, lah. Everything's too easily found out anyway, what with e-submissions and all that. Besides, how many extra bays does 5mm less per bay add up to anyway?

And you've left out the most important culprit of all: the Car Park Operators! You know, the people who paint paralel car park bays on what should be a clear 6100mm driveway. Who add additional bays on areas originally designated as walkways, kerbs and entrances.

Driver apathy is also a major problem, I agree. But alas, there's no solution than education. Or maybe just take public transport? :P

Joyce C. said...

All right, I have to agree with you. I did check with my colleague; it seems the public parking in front of shopoffices are privatised.

So, I am supposed to blame the parking operators who are trying to maximise their profits by squeezing in more parking lots.

I'll take a picture later to show you the lots they redrew since it was obviously too small in the first place to prove my point that they cheated in the first place.

In the meantime, how to take public transportation from my place to my office??

Therefore, I have to resort to childish-name-calling of "evil car parking operators" and "evil local authorities" for bullying poor innocent cars all over Malaysia!