Monday, June 09, 2008

Traffic Nightmare in Klang

This is the traffic condition on my way to work in the morning.

This is the traffic condition I face when I come home. Notice that when I reached Klang it is still bright (1st photo). By the end of 5km journey, the sky has turned dark (2nd photo).

I was about to blog my dissatisfaction on this topic but I found there are entries in several blogs on the traffic in klang.

highlighted that the activities along the road to Klang worsens the traffic i.e. functions near Klang Hokkien associations and the restaurants nearby and the newly built and office building, Prima Klang Avenue.

These sentiments are echoed by Z.Ibrahim here.

Actually, in my opinion, the main cause of the latest traffic jam is the road construction as highlighted in the Star paper. I pray that by end of next year, as promised, the construction will be completed so we can drive through Klang town in 5 mins instead of the 1/2 hour to 1 hour journey we have to go through now.

As I get stuck in this traffic jam daily, the only entertaining point to note is the fact that I managed to captured a few interesting pictures.

1. Upside-down Klang, bandar Diraja signage on the Lamp Post.
Even though, I know it's way up there, but come on, this is Klang- a royal town. Doesn't an upside-down signage shows disrespect? What would our Sultan think of that?

2. An apology banner on the pedestrian bridge in front of La Salle Klang School
Does it mean just that banner is enough for 2 years of traffic jam? Of higher stress and higher blood pressure from rushing to and back from work? Additional agony from the higher consumption of petrol? Ironically, they also wrote that we should use alternative route. D'oh. Jambatan Kota is THE main exit and entrance to Klang town.
The alternative routes are shown in the Klang website. These so-called routes are equally congested as the main problem is already there. It is a fact that the roads cannot cater for all the cars as the basic household now owns a minimum of 2 cars a home!!

3. An apology notice
I glanced quickly and saw an A4 or A3 sized of printed paper saying "Sorry Honey". Didn't manage to take a picture of that. I wonder if anyone noticed these papers pasted on the lamp posts along Jambatan Kota.

Hmmm.. even though there are these alternatives routes as shown in the Klang Community Space. I, personally know these routes are equally horrendous if there's a terrible congestion or as usual, small accidents. But basically, the problem is, how can you force in a few big marble into a narrow-necked bottle?
In the meantime, I'll be zombified by these journey with an expression like this... HELP! :p

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