Friday, June 13, 2008

What the waves bring in..

When I’m at the beach, I enjoy looking at the waves rushing after each other and splashing onto the soft sandy beach. After the big waves, there will be smaller waves rushing over with different debri or sadly, garbage onto the beach. Sometimes, the waves will clear some sand and I can uncover a nice interesting sea shell or food for the birds.
Amazing for some, they could even receive a message in a bottle. ;) But then, that's another topic altogether. You can find interesting stories on this topic too.
I believed that the circle of friends we have is like anticipating what the waves bring in. Every single wave will bring in a different thing at a different time.
One friend washes in with the first wave and then the second wave might bring your friend away. Rest assured, the third wave will bring in another friend and maybe someday, your first friend will come back again.

Being in my late twenties, somehow, I’m back again in contact with my primary school friends. When we were young, we played together, studied together, performed together and even got into trouble together! Somehow, I have managed to keep in touch with them all through these years to the extend that I still have their contact number.

Some friends were mere acquaintances then but now, the waves brought me an opportunity to know this friend more. Some friends were close buddies then but now, we are mere strangers to each other. Perhaps, when we get together at this time, we needed each other in some ways.

I thank God that He has send waves to bring back some old friends. I know that He knows we need each other’s support at the times He bring us together. We can learn a lot from each other.

In the meantime, I will take the opportunity to enjoy renewed friendship and share experiences during the gap we were apart. For, as we go through this life here, somehow another, our experiences are similiar. So there is no need keep silent about our wrongs and rights; when sharing with each other can prevent others from repeating the same old mistakes. :)

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