Thursday, June 12, 2008

Women are 3d

I bought a simple t-shirt with a friend without trying. We just put it up onto our body and said, "Okla.. can fit." How wrong we were... when we went home to try, we couldn't fit in it!! We had to go back to change.

Reason? We forgot that our bodies were three dimensional!! Really! Women are extra 3d at places man normally don't have. ;) So when we buy t-shirts, we should also include those extra 3d places to the diameter of the shirt.

Therefore, wearing working shirts is another uncomfortable task to me. Those cotton, need-ironing,shirt with buttons down in the front, known as buttondowns, look formal and great for work. But the process of wearing them...

Why women shouldn't wear shirts?
These are my reasons...

First. When I wear a shirt, the buttons do not do their job of keeping the gaps in between buttons flatly down on my body.

I always have to use the little golden safety pin to pin up the gaps from inside at. (At least 3 safety pins for 3 gaps)

Once,the safety pin dropped out and got stuck at my pants. It was so embarrassing. A middle-aged lady saw it while I was crossing the road and politely asked me if she could removed the safety pin from my butt!! My friends guffawed!!

Therefore, when my dear friend introduced me plastic press-studs to be sewn in between these gaps, I have been diligently sewing them into ALL my shirts!! Thank you, Ruth! :p
That's why when bosomy women or more endowed women will encounter a few problems wearing shirts like this.

Second, if it's too tight overall, your 3d protrusion will attract too many leering eyes. Unless of course, it's intentional and you are Mariah Carey.
If not, when I wear a buttondown shirt which is too tight, normal people like me will get comments like, "You look like pau bak chang".

Pau bak chang? It's Hokkien for wrapping the rice dumpling. To make the rice dumpling, you have to compress and squeeze the rice into the bamboo leaves. Notice how tight the dumplings are bounded together by the bamboo leaves and the jute string. It looks like it will explode!
Coincidentally, last weekend was the Chinese festival to eat these rice dumplings. Yummmy...

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