Monday, June 16, 2008

Saying Good-bye

At first, he send you roses and sweet gifts,
He send you kisses, tender love and cherished words.
He worships you and smiles at the sight of you.
But now, it's no longer the same.

He never smiles when he sees you.
He never touch nor caress you.
He never calls nor tries
To spend time with you.

You put your heart on your sleeve,
You cried and begged,
But he never once looked back.
It was all for nothing.

You thought if you worked hard,
He would stay,
But in the end he left
It was all the same.

Nothing mattered to you but him,
Or so you thought.

When he left, you close the door,
You ignored everyone and shut down,
You became depressed and forgot,
That the world is more than him.

You lost your car,
You lost your home,
You lost your family,
and even your dog.

Just because he left,
Just because he could made you feel good,
You didn't appreciate what you had.
And now you're sad.

So remember, forget him,
If it's meant to be,
He'll come back,
After all, he's just paper;
Money and wealth,
Which is never permanent in the first place. :p

What were you thinking I was writing about? ;) I did put italic for the word "he".

Money can buy anything.
If we're obsessed with it, in a way we are having a relationship with it. So when we lose it, we get so worked up and depress that we forget to cherish our true treasures around us.

Therefore, get up your nerve to break up with money if you're obsessed with it. That's a very unhealthy relationship which blinds you from reality. It applies to anything. Even the simplest thing like the need to be using your handphone all the time or the need to always buy something. Pray and ask God to break the bondage of this obsession.

For believe me, for example, you'll feel the burden of the financial strain floating away into oblivion... at least for now.

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