Friday, June 13, 2008

Our emotional sky

I admit, I spend a lot of time on the road traveling. Staying about 60km from the city centre, I need to travel anywhere of significance in Klang Valley.

While being stuck in the queue or traffic jam when I’m driving, one of my favourite past time is looking at the sky. It gets more interesting in the evening whenever I drive back home. The sunset always paints the sky in a different hue everyday.

I look forward seeing the sky get tinged in orange or yellow, or sometimes, the sky gets painted in purplish blue. Other times the sky gets painted in bright pink. On rainy days, the sky looms with dark blue and heavy dark grey clouds hover above us. On a clear day, the sky is bright, cobalt blue with pure white, fluffy clouds floating above. Sometimes, I feel like reaching out and plucking the cloud so that I can give it a big squeeze hug.

I feel that our sky is very emotional. Some might say the sky is like a women. Some days, she’s happy with the sun shining and suddenly, she gets moody and it rains. In the evening, before dark, she radiates the most with the setting of the sun and the appearing of the moon. At night, she is pitch black and dark. She is still and quiet… echoing our deep slumber in sleep.

I tried taking picture of the different sky but I am not satisfied with the effect. The camera cannot really capture the right tinge of colour which is filtered with natural light. Anyway, the compilations of photos I took while stuck in the traffic jam on the journey home can be seen above.

Therefore, the next time you get stuck in the traffic, take a quick glance outside at the sky and see what she says to you that day. You might find yourself suddenly smiling and forgetting all your frustrations and worries.

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