Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tak Halal Shoes

When I was young, I remember looking at shoes with the words "tak halal" on them. I wondered then, why on earth are those shoes labeled that way?

In Malaysia, tak halal means it is forbidden for the Muslims. Muslims are not allowed to eat pork, moreover touch a pig. These shoes were lined with pig skin, hence it became tak halal. Hmmm, I should have taken a picture with the sign that says that.

Well, I finally bought a pair of tak halal shoes!! ha ha. They were on sale, half-priced and had really really comfortable padding. I'm not too sure it's because of the pig skin lining. Anyhow, I wanted to own a pair of Rockport since my bf bought a pair!! And also perhaps because it is tak halal, so naughty me wanted to own it. ;)

There were boots at RM120 and court shoes at RM100. These items are normally priced RM200 above since they were imported from US. I am so crazy about boots even though they are not too practical in our hot humid country but alas, I couldn't find one I really liked. I'm not too sure why these shoes get sold here in the first place when it is tak halal.

I bought them even though they felt a wee bit tight. But the sales girl told me they were in my size. Stubbornly with the it's-a-worthwhile-bargain-buy mentality, I bought them. After all, I told myself, they might get looser after I wear them in.

Smart enough, I went online to check what exactly the "M" after the shoe sizes meant. It seemed like I bought a size smaller. Can't find the exact shoe conversion table now.

Honestly, so far, unlike most new shoes which will bite at your heel and make your feet hurt, I have no complaints about shoe biting. It just feels tight at the front toes area.

Anyway, in the mean time, I will slowly season my new pair of shoes to fit my feet comfortably as I don't want to season my feet into the shoes instead. ;)


Alina said...

Congrats on your new shoes, they look good. :) Here's to suffering for the sake of fashion! Hahaha.

Er, why shouldn't pig-lined shoes be brought in? It's not illegal to import of sell bacon, either. :P

Joyce C. said...

hahaah I have to purposely look for non-Muslim sales girl to attend to my shoes. ;)

Gan said...

my waterproof rockport shoes no longer waterproof! not too impressed.. try wearing stockings, might reduce friction in your babi lining shoes.

Joyce C. said...

Got waterproof shoes? Can't believe anything to be "anything"-proof these days. Or perhaps they meant the shoes were waterproof but didn't guarantee they will keep your feet water-free?

I usually wear stockings for most of my shoes so no issue on the friction. Thanks for the advice though.