Monday, April 19, 2010

New Necklace

I pat myself on the back by telling myself I've been good for not buying more items to add to my costume jewellery collection for many months now. Look at some of the current items I have at the moment.
Hmm.. I should arrange it nicely one of these days.. It's a nuisance untangling them. Lol

However, thanks to Sherry for her freebie (which require you write a few entries) to win... this is a new kitty ribbon necklace!

She posted the item to me me few weeks back by registered mail but it never arrived. I decided to e-mail her recently to inform her that the mail must be missing. She's so nice to resend another necklace in pos ekspres to make sure I'm the proud new owner of this! Thank you so much! :)
I'm going to wear this on a wedding I have to attend on Labour day! It matches the purple dress I intend to wear! ;)

Do drop by her blogshop if you're in need of any little jewellery. Can't comment about buying from her but I give her thumbs up for resending me the necklace the second time when it never arrived the first time.

If not, check out my previous post on my obsession with charms bracelets and recommended good blogshop to visit! :)


Sherry said...

wow so many jewelry :D hehe..

now you can win t shirt check out..
I hope I am able to win one too. :D

its not referral and everyone can take part but just 100 will get free tee..

PiggiYing said...

hehe thanks.. not supposed to have too many clothes.

I arrange my jewellery nicely wan, then when I want to use it, it'll all be messed up... lol

SL said...

Have you seen this? I'm not crazy about accessories, but find the stuff there really cool...

PiggiYing said...

thanks for the recommendation. Looks nice.. but I'm not supposed to buy anything for the moment.. going to officially move soon. SL.. u can visit me at my new room!! :p