Sunday, April 25, 2010

Clarins Skincare Collection 2009

Very belated post but this is my Clarins Skincare Collection from 2009 which I have to use up! Lol (as it also consists samples which according to sales girls - are not meant to be kept because the packaging is not as good as the original-sized ones!)

1st: This is a belated Christmas gift from Miu! Thanks!! :) I like that she even added in a nice Clarins red transparent box, hearts bracelet and Christmas decoration! Muaks!

2nd: The combination few sets:
i. Another sample set from another friend for Christmas (Thanks BE!)  Muaks!
ii. 2 trial sets I bought during the Clarins workshop (1 combination skin set and 1 more which I cannot recall now)
iii. 1 Christmas Pore Minimising set I bought for myself because I was looking for a moisturiser

Does this makes me a Clarins user? Well, honestly, I'm still combining certain products which seems to work well on my skin. So I'll still try them all. :)

So far, I like the suppleness of my skin after using the HydraQuence Cream-Mask to rehydrate my skin!

There's also Huile Lotus oil which I use as part of my night regime.

As an afterthought, with another decade coming, anyone can recommend me a good night cream (anti-aging and rejuvenating one)? Have to face the fact of aging and prepare for it!


Miu said...

glad u suka it.. but the things not i add wan.. it came as a part of the xmas sets :D nice right?

PiggiYing said...

nice... oooppss.. means I give you too much credit? Lol! Thanks! :)