Monday, April 05, 2010

Maum Teabags by WDARU

I received an email with all these images showing creative tea bags packaging. Decided to google and find the creative people who designed them.

Maum Teabags designed by WDARU
These series of teabags look like little people having a bath or soak in the teacup. It fit most common cup sizes and come packaged inside beautiful tea boxes as shown in the images taken from their website. I kind of find it too cute to be used. Hehehe

Teabag Illustration
I think these images shows the designer's intent on how the teabags would be used. :)

I find that doing these things are good avenue to display and use all those creativity juices in your mind. Keep up coming with more designs, WDARU! Although I'm not sure many people are willing to pay extra for the packaging unless it's as gifts. ;)

Other creative teabags. I'm not sure if these are also in the Maum range.

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