Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Version of Grooming Tips

Most people think about hair and dressing when they hear the word “grooming”. Well, that means you forget about the other basic aspects. Here are my grooming tips based on the 5 basic senses:

1. Sight

Mane - You would groom you hair by having the right hair style and keeping it well groomed. Or purposely messed up in your own sense of style. You could even dye it to a different colour according to your different mood of the hour.

Attire - You would wear smartly, shabbily or elegantly (according to your style)

Face – You would expertly makeup your skin to the all natural look or to party look. You would expertly use your concealer to cover all your blemishes.

Eyes – You would use coloured contact lenses to conceal your original iris’s colour or perhaps wear a nice wire-rimmed glasses to look like the smart nerdy guy.

Piercing – You would stylishly pierce your nose, tongue, belly-button and other places unseen without any stripping.

2. Sound

Speech - You will speak with the Manglish slang or the British slang or in a loud nasal tone ala Nanny Fine’s voice.

3. Touch

Skin - You would lather on thick cream and moisturizer to pamper your soft silky skin. You would scrub off the dead skin cells weekly in hopes your new skin regenerate quickly. You would even fill the bath tub with milk and honey like how Cleopatra used to do to pamper her skin.

4. Taste

Lips – You keep your lips moisture and supple with kissable lip gloss to attract the other. You chew a gum in anticipation of a session of tongue fencing

5. Smell
Fragrance – You cover your body odour with vigorous showering or a thick scent of perfume.

But why trouble yourself when nowadays, you can just spray on some body deodorant to keep yourself fresh, sweet-smelling and attractive all day! ;)

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