Friday, April 30, 2010

Food Review: Loh Mai Pau

Have any of you tried eating loh mai fan (savoury glutinous rice) wrapped with bun? This is the first time I've seen such a dish and I'm in love!

First - unlike the normal loh mai fan, this one is not so oily. I assumed that the oil might have been absorbed by the bun. But no, the bun it's not oily like the normal meat bun (bak pau). It feels soft and moist like it's just wrapped under the loh mai fan.

Typical Loh Mai Fun

 Second, there's an extra ingredients: salted duck egg yolk which reminds me of our rice dumplings (zong zi). Yummmy!!

Bak chang / zong zi

Where is it sold? Well, my bf's dad actually packed it for us and we had it while it's still steaming hot. It's from Hong Kee. Ironically, I've dined in Hong Kee, Damansara before and I have not seen this dish (or can't seem to google it). The dim sum in Hong Kee was so-so (I still haven't review it for months... Will do it soon) but this dish is yummilicious! :)

Try it! I give it a thumbs up for a non-oily loh mai pau! (I forgot to ask what is the real name of the dish)

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