Monday, April 05, 2010

Movie Review: It’s Complicated (Spoiler Alert)

It's Complicated...

When I first saw the trailer, I knew it’ll be a nice romantic comedy of a love triangle between elderly couple (Meryl Streep, Alex Baldwin and Steve Martin). There was a little “naughty” snippet of Alex jumping naked on the bed in front of an Ibook while Meryl was in the bathroom. Unknown to him, Steve and Meryl were on livechat with a webcam on. You can guess the horror that comes next. Never expected this was the funniest scene in the movie and it was shown in the trailer!

What’s nice about watching this movie?
It’s realizing that people fall in and out of love easily.

The story starts with this 10-years-divorced couple, Jane (Meryl) and Jake (Alex) meeting up for their son’s graduation. Jake is remarried to a much younger lady, Agness (which he was secretly seeing when he was still married to Jane the last time). The problem with his new marriage is that Agness is obsessed with having a kid with Jake that they are going to the fertility centre almost every alternate day and Jake has to be ready when Agness is ovulating.

I know, we’re seen some of those typical scenes and plot before but what’s different is the frustrated look of Jake’s face at having to go through the whole idea of working hard for a young child again. Hence, he went through the “what-if” scenario of sticking with his first wife, Jane, and now being able to rest and relax.
Two lonely people getting together, regaling stories from the past..

Jane, is a successful lady who felt the empty-nest-syndrome when her youngest has finally left the nest. Hence, without a man in a life, she reluctantly accepts that her ex-husband, Jake would want to jump into her life again. The part where she seeks her shrink for confirmation to pursue her affair with Jake was a bit weird in the movie. It somehow did not jive nicely with the flow of the movie.
Jane's first affair with her ex-husband
Ironically, a new love interest, Adam comes into Jane’s life to complicate her. He is also a divorcee who is coming terms to the fact that his wife cheated with his best friend and married him. Here, Adam (Steve) is given a quite passive character who watches from a far and seemed to quick enough to guess what was going on. Alas, it ended with a hope that in the end, Jane and Adam might get together… who knows?
Jane and Adam getting along... Chemistry is in the air

What’s sweet? It’s knowing that people at the age of this actors and actresses still look so good. Okay.. I admit the scene of a half-naked Alex Baldwin looks hilarious. He looks so bloated up (typically married man who has been sitting too much on his butt in front of the idiot box). Is he really this size or did he added a few pounds for this scene?

Amazingly, Steve Martin looks the same to me as the first movie I watched him in, Roxanne in 1987! Wow... pssst.. He's older than Alex Baldwin!

 A scene in Roxanne with Steve Martin and Daryl Hannah

In short, go ahead to watch this movie for a sweet, comedy of people who wonder “what-if”… and hope you can grow successful, mature and happily one day too! ☺

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