Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Movie Review: When in Rome (spoiler alert)

It's good to get a movie premier again. Thanks! :)

When in Rome

Anyhow, as predicted from the title itself, it is a typical romantic comedy. It tells the story of a workaholic woman, Beth (Kristen Bell) who doesn't believe in love anymore - no thanks to her romantic dad who always fall in love with a new woman all the time. Her younger sister got married to an Italian within 2 weeks and Beth had to fly down to Rome for the wedding. Her sister reminds me of one of those Nickelodeon kids - small sized kid who just grew up.

In Rome, a jaded Beth vehemently picks up coins from love wishes thrown in a "magical fountain" conveniently located in front of the church for her sister's wedding. Lightning and thunder appears ... as in the witch's spell at works and suddenly the owner of the 5 coins magically get smitten by her and pursues her all the way in New York the next day. (except one guy which we are lead to believe is Nick acted by Josh Duhamel).

Then magically, the 4 men starts stalking her and even knows where she lives. (you should not use logic while watching this) But it's the pursuit that's hilarious and sometimes creepy for Beth.

These men (including Danny DeVito) create comical and good supporting role especially when all 5 of them squeezed into a tiny car (reminiscent of a clown's car) to rush Beth to her grand event in the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. The movie was silent during the car and lift ride with the audience laughing during this period.
 Rushing to the event

 External view of the lovely Guggenheim Museum

Another part which you should not think, is when Beth drops the chip (supposedly belonging to Nick) and it rolls down the circular ramp of Guggenheim Museum all the way down.  (My friend commented she would have taken the lift). lol  Nice scene of the Guggenheim Museum by Frank Lloyd Wright - not to be mistaken with the other museum in Bilbao by Frank Gehry.
 Spiral ramp

Quotes to remember:
"If you want to be a bear, be a grizzly!" (Beth's dad advice in becoming mean/ a grouch)

"Show your love with sausages." (Danny Devito's character expresses love to Beth with sausages)

Worth watching?
Well, you have Josh Duhamel aka Fergie's husband aka Danny of Las Vegas to ogle at. In fact, it's kind of weird seeing him act so klutzly by running into pole, car and fall into holes (typical basic comical act to gain laughter from the crowd)
Oh yes, there's a cameo appearance of Shaq in the movie too.

In short, it's a light comedy with elements of romance. Expect predictable stunts and lines. But I'm always a fan for comedies. So go ahead and grab a friend for a laugh. Enjoy! :)


Serene said...

How would u rate it? Five out of five or...? It is any better than It's Complicated?

PiggiYing said...

It's Complicated is funny to in its own way... about 4 out of 5. (still got some cheesy scenes). When in Rome... about 3.5? But I think u'll enjoy it! hehehe your kind of show.

Serene said...

Oh ok. Will find time to go and watch it one of these days. Only showing in GSC, i think. TGV dun have, I've checked out their website.