Sunday, April 25, 2010

My first Concert: Kelly Clarkson

I have to admit. I was very reluctant to go to this concert: Kelly Clarkson - All I Ever Wanted Tour. It's not that I don't like her. Afterall, she is the first winner for the first season of American Idol. I'm okay with her songs.

Why then?

First, I'm kind of lazy... ahhaahah Hence, I've never even been to any before.

Second, Puduraya Bus terminal is currently under going renovations and is temporarily relocated to Bukit Jalil - where the venue of the concert is.

Third, stinginess. Lol

Hence, after my friend who loves live-concert, asked me again for the umpteenth time, I said, "Oh well, why not? I shall try it for once!" How she persuaded me?

First - She said she'll drive so I don't have to worry about traffic.

Second - Look at the reason above.

Third - I looked for tickets sold in at a discount! ;)

Now, the skies are dark and the thunder is threatening to rain. It's in National Stadium (outdoor) in Bukit Jalil! I wonder how it'll turn out tonight.

Pray that I'll have a memorable experience and see if my friend can convert me to a live-concert fan or the lazy type who prefers to sit comfortly in front of the telly.. ;)

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