Friday, April 23, 2010

Farewell to Friendships

I just realised that everyone around me is growing up except me. I expect to hang out with friends once a while and do girly things with the gals. I expect we would still be quite similar to our school days.

However, that's only skin deep.

My friends have embarked on the "next stage" of life which our society deems as the "right thing" to do. They have become wifes to their husbands and about to start their nest. Some still enjoy their couplehood without the constraint of kids. Others, I suspect, might start building their nest soon.

The last few years, my friends who have been studying overseas have dropped back to Malaysia for a visit and a sudden need to meet-up to announce their marriage. Since they have always been overseas, I didn't quite feel the difference of their status to our friendship.

However, when those nearby started being indifferent to their single friends and even started avoiding them altogether, I finally realised, yes, single friends and married friends do not mix. I sense a sudden loss with the once-cherished-friendship as I know, my friends' priority now is to their husband and their families.

Sigh, growing up is painful but I never realised I need a whole new set of friends akin to a whole new wardrobe. I wonder when I embarked in that phase of life, I would treat the same to my other single friends. It's not that I resent their happiness but I guess

I bid farewell to girly hangouts and welcome, albeit reluctantly, the need to be mature and learn to accept one own's companionship. Even though there are so many people out there, one can't help to cling to the usual comfort of the same faces of yesteryear.

So now I tell myself, open a box and put those old friendships inside. Then bring out the box and bury it somewhere. Let the past stay in the past and learn to embrace the future! :) Welcome new friends out there, whoever you are!


SL said...

So sad...

PiggiYing said...

I was mentioning this to my bf.. he said I'm generalising all my friends.. Shrug.. :P

SL said...

Haha... yes I agree to that. Actually, as your friend I should feel offended by your over generalisation. :-P

PiggiYing said...

Why? Are you getting married soon so I can generalised u? :P

Are you trying to tell me something? lol