Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Comic: HER! [Girl vs Pig]

Was told my blog is not focused. Sorry to say, that's me. I'm indecisive so I'm curious about a lot of things and so I write about them. Decided to google about "pigs" and found an interesting pig comic. It's gory, sarcastic and ironic! Have a good chuckle!

HER! [Girl vs Pig]

Description of the comic by the cartoonist: Chris Bishop

A curious girl who enjoys seeing the pig experience pain and embarassment. She wears a red dress and white socks.

A pig in sunglasses.


The Pig: I created the pig in college while trying to come up with a cartoon for the school newspaper, The Leader. I came up with a strip called We Three Pigs about three little ultra-violent pigs with sunglasses who love to hurt and embarrass this wolf. It was lame and I gave up on it. Eventually, I started drawing Convenience Store and later on They Tell My I'm Annoying for the The Leader. A few years later I resurrected one of the pigs for my new cartoon her!
The Girl: No story. I just made her up for the new cartoon and named it after her.

Lol... why do they always show in the comics - the pigs becoming bacons! Although I have to admit, bacon is yummilicious! Mmmm...

In fact, the pig character in the comic "Pearls before Swine" loves BLT (sandwich with bacon)

Will upload more when I pick those which is decent to share with you all.

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