Tuesday, June 30, 2009

When you seek comfort

Do you seek comfort in food? Do you gobble down ice-cream and chocolates when you’re down?

Do you seek comfort in reading stories of others and burying yourselves underneath heaps of work?

Do you seek comfort in the company of others? A frenzy of loud outings and activities to keep you occupied?

Do you seek comfort in the arms of someone who says he/she loves you but sometimes, at the back of your mind, a niggling feeling tells you otherwise?

Do you feel alone, empty, lost and depressed?

Look no longer for comfort in the material world here. This feel is insatiable and will not go away. Food, activities, work, people, love, pills are not the true answer.

Yes, there only one way and you know it. Just say “Yes, I believe, Lord” and He’ll do the rest. You no longer have to worry or be upset. If you’ve done so, just tell someone what you have done and that’ll person will help you along your journey in knowing the Lord

I don’t know why, just wanted to write about this today.

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