Friday, June 19, 2009

Plusizekitten Blog Birthday Contest 2 - Transformer Movie

Transformers Revenge of The Fallen

The Screening Details:-

Date: 22/6/09 (Monday)
Time: 9pm (meeting time 8.30pm)
Venue: GSC Mid Valley

I'm in need of a break and I haven't seen a movie in ages on a date. *Ahem* so here goes my entry to try to win myself 2 tickets to this highly-sought movie!

Birthday greeting
Happy Birthday to Plusizekitten... you were born in Blogspot.. with the other crazy bloggers... Happy Birthday to you!! :)

Thank you so much for infecting me with your Stila madness that I'm equally affected financially. ;) Love your tips and insiders to where to get good deals.; especially the fact that you're a lifesaver should I need a gift instantly! :)

Why should you pick me?
It's because I'm thick skinned enough to be begging you on both knees; asking you, "Miu, will you please pick me? I need Transformers to break free from this reality. " :)

Look how touched Miu is... hehe (Miu's picture is courtesy of her own blog... )


Miu said...

wei!!! looks like the pic is of someone else standing infront of u!!!

u erased the person out somore! nanti kena marah?

btw thanks for joining this contest! will announce winners by end of Sat :) and thank u for your wishes dear piggilot

PiggiYing said...

won't scold wan la.. I playing around with my girlfriends in a hotel somemore.. haha the corridor!! :P

U seldom can get me do such pose wan.. u so lucky.. hahaha

PiggiYing said...

if you provide me full shot of yourself.. I can retouch the picture and put u in.. full body.. hehehe :D

Miu said...

congratulations Joyce

love to be anybody's gift savior, that's why I love selling my stuffs which i grab at sales and convincing girls not to go buy at retails anymore. HAHHAhaha...

btw.. check out my blog for the winner results