Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Autumn in my heart

My hand itched to watch any DVD or shows the last few days (another attempt of procrastination by the “infamous procrastinator” when facing stress)

Hence, when I saw this VCD box set of "Autumn in my heart" lying around my place and thought I’ll give it a go just for one episode. (I don't really watch Korean dramas). My friend told me this drama pioneered the Korean dramas craz in Malaysia.... (aiya I am so out-dated!) :p
Unfortunately, it was slow paced (as usual for Korean romantic dramas) and I happily watch it in forward mode. After one episode, another continued and another continued till I watched half the entire series till the morning prayers sounded. :P


Well, as slow as it is, (with all the non-stop crying by both actresses and actors) I thought the storyline should have beautifully stopped after the 5/6 episode already. Somehow, they delay and complicate the plot to make it go round with non-stop hurt and disappointment (plus more crying).

The plot is basically of being in love but not being able to be together plus a dash of one-sided love. Of course, they had to introduced the tragedy – life-threatening disease to dramatized the story further.

As slow-moving the show was, I still got hooked to find out how the storyline would end. (plus Ms Procrastinator’s desperate attempt to prolong the inevitable)

In the end, I have another 5 more episodes to forward my way true and later scold myself silly for wasting so many hours on watching something not beneficial to myself.

And that’s why I call myself the infamous procrastinator in the face of stress… arghhh!!

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