Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Review- Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

I just watched Transformers the night before for the United International Pictures preview. Thank you Miu for the tickets! And what good seats they were: second from the back!! :)

This is my first time watching a movie so early whereby all audience have to deposit their handphones with the cinema crew and get their body scanned for any recording devices. It sounded troublesome; so I just went there holding my purse and car keys without any bag. If you don’t want to worry about your handphone, just wait a day later to watch the movie with your handphone.

IMHO, interesting points to note which will not give out the story line:

Okay… I admit Megan Fox looked great in the movie. Despite the “horrifying” and highly stressed situation, her lacy, sweet, top is still in good condition. They allowed her to display her acting skill with the focus on one shot where her eyes gets all glazed up and she starts tearing when the Decepticons where looking for them.
That scene was a little cheesy.. it felt like the whole world was blocked out to focus on this hot looking babe to see her cry. :P Anyone noticed this?

Optimus Prime is quite subdued this time; in fact this movie gave a lot of airtime to the Decepticons with their flashy transformation as compared to the good guys- Autobot. I guess the bad guys now rule the scene (Remember Batman? The Joker character is more prominent; plus also the fact that it was Heath Ledger’s last movie. Who was Batman ar? See?)

The only “leng cai” was the hunky Josh Duhamel (from the series Las Vegas) who had little scenes and seemed in a background to help Sam defeat the Autobots.

In short, Transformers is really the high-tech, transformable, gadgetry as it is. (imagine the sound of the transformation now). Fast-moving transformation, sleek cars, gadgetry, one hot lady and a little comic around to enlighten the audience.

You’ll sure have a good time watching this show and it’ll keep your eyes glue on the screen. :) Thumbs up from me!

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