Monday, June 29, 2009

Food Review: Ngap Kiok Pau

As far as I can recalled, my dad used to buy us a few of "ngap kiok pau" (duck feet roll) whenever he came back from KL. He bought these delicacies for us to eat as a child. He told me there used to be a few stalls in Petaling Street selling this.

Now, I can only find one and it's my turn to buy back for him. It's sold by this old couple in a stall called "Sze Ngan Chye". In fact, I found some 2007 reviews online in these few blogs:
Review 1
Review 2

Oh yeah, the main dish sold is the duck but I'm only there for the "ngap kiok Pau"

What is "ngap kiok pau"?
Well, basically it's duck feet tied with duck's liver using duck's intestines. It's lather with the sweet dark sauce - similar to the "char siu" sauce. There's not much meat but it's more of the innards and feet's skin.
Sorry if the picture doesn't look too appetising. This one was kept in the fridge and microwave the next day. ha ha..

Don't fancy it? Well, just give it a try if you're a typical Chinese like me who gobbles down pig's intestines (in Bak Kut Teh soup), sizzling hotplate liver, satay celup-cockles, etc. Lol.


d'Frog Prince said...

i found it appetizing while reading and was planning to look for it until i saw the pics. then, the feet walked out the window!

thanks for the intro though. might try one of this day.

d'frog prince

PiggiYing said...

Yeah.. I know the picture doesn't do justice to the food. Just go ahead and try..Or perhaps I shouldn't take picture with my handphone. :P