Monday, June 15, 2009

God's Grace

I have informed my boss one year ahead of my intent to take a few weeks off for study leave. At that time, he mentioned that I have to come in to work once or twice a week... or whenever they call me. (Sound like as if I'm on call)

Thank God, somehow, the projects I am in charge of was KIV or scrapped. I am suddenly very free in the office to the extend that my boss even encourages me to take one month off! (No way! I still need $$$)

I thank God for his impeccable timing and pray I'll make good use of the free time I have to study by being allowed to take leave easily now. Unfortunately, it is hard trying to "work" when my urgency of work in the office is nil. Sigh.. how am I going to "work" in the office in the meantime? (I know... we'll never be satisfied. :p )

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