Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Knitting and Crocheting

My mum is very good at knitting and crocheting that she crocheted her own wedding dress! She still keeps it in her closet. :D

When I was young, she made a number of dresses (when I was a toddler & in kindergarten)and blouses(in primary school)for me. She also have a large collection of handmade-crocheted blouses and some dresses she made for herself and even her sister.

Hence, I always appreciate the hard work it goes to into this craft. It takes patience, good eyesight and like most hobbies: a passion for it!

I did learn from my mum a little in my younger days but the only thing now I would remember is the chains and single crochet. In fact, there was this one blouse which I made in secondary school which lies incomplete in a bag somewhere. I only did the front portion of the blouse.

Anyway, when I stumbled upon a thread selling handmade knitted booties at a reasonable price, I had to buy them for my friends. I even bought a whole set of baby booties, baby jacket and hat for another friend due within next month or so as seen in the picture below.
This image is from her thread

The thread is by a nice lady in Penang who knits and crochets industrially baby clothing and some adults too. She sells them online in Lowyat.net under the alias of "ravensaw". Just search for "booties" under Stuff for Ladies and you'll find her thread.

Make sure you place your order early as she says in her thread "she has only one pair of hands". She's creative even taking custom orders for older children's and men's clothing. Do look her up if you appreciate this.

Today, I found out my friend has just became a grandmother today! Congratulations to her! I decided to order this lovely pink crocheted baby dress from the same seller for her. It's going to be delivered tomorrow.
In the meantime, I hope I get to crochet again someday. It's just too adorable not to have these lovely clothing for my kids in the future. But if I remain lazy, perhaps I'll just order and buy them. :P

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