Sunday, June 07, 2009

To "HP Mini" or to "Fujitsu M1010"

This generation, everyone can own a laptop easily at an affordable price from RM1.5k above (minimum price for mini laptops). Besides being mobile, with all the eateries like Starbucks to Old Town offering wifi, it's convenient to bring a laptop while you eat and surf the net!

Hence, when I glimpse the HP Mini, my hand itches to let myself finally own my first laptop. (Mind you, I am a believer of NOT-getting IT stuff unless I really need or my existing one is spoiled. I always believe that as long as my "trusty" desktop can still work, I will not get a new pc/laptop!)

I was at Harvey Norman warehouse sale earlier today and was tempted to buy one but I told myself "Don't buy just because cheaper RM100-200".

HP Mini 1009TU PC
I was eyeing this "baby" which is priced at RM1499. At the warehouse sale, they were offering it at RM1309.
What made me think twice about this? Well, it was from a review I read online. First, the memory is only 80GB unlike other mini laptops which offer 160GB. Secondly, the display resolution is 1024 x 576 pixels (minus a little to run some softwares which need at least 1024×600)

Of course, I have to bear in mind that this is a mini laptop and not as powerful as my desktop. I only wanted it to surf (facebook.. haha) and perhaps type some documents. But I really like the sleekness and thin look of the HP mini. Sighh...

Overview of the specifications
Genuine Windows XP Home
Intel® Atom™ Processor N270 (1.60 GHz)
1024 X 576 pixels
80 GB
26.17cm (L) x 16.66cm (W) x 2.513 cm (H)
1.11 kg

Fujitsu M1010
I saw this option today at RM1359 (from RM1499 too). I was told that "Fujitsu" it the Mercedes of the range and was tempted to buy it except that I don't like the design! Call me shallow, but the design looks like the earlier laptop version - thick sandwich and the keypad looks "old school" to someone like me.

The cons was it only had 60GB memory but since I have an external harddrive - it shouldn't matter. The pro is that it has bluetooth and the basic resolution of 1,024 x 600. The extra feature was the colourful/ interchangable colour lid they provided (they claim you can't get this from retail except in warehouse sales only). A review on this can be found here.
Overview of the specifications
Genuine Windows XP Home
Intel® Atom™ Processor N270 (1.60 GHz)
1024 X 600 pixels
60 GB
23.14cm (L) x 17.5cm (W) x 2.9/3.58 cm (H)
Approx. 1 kg

Hence, that was the thoughts of a typical user who doesn't really care about the mambo-jumbo on computer specs as long as it looks nice, works well and doesn't burn a hole in my pocket!

Unfortunately, my pockets weren't deep enough for me to purchase one today - so till the next time! *sob*

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