Friday, June 05, 2009

Food Review - My Elephant - 2 reviews

Part 1 - Dinner in My Elephant
My friends and I just had out dinner in My Elephant, a Thai restaurant nestled in a residential area of Section 17, PJ.

All right, it's not really a food review as I never took any pictures of the food. (Next time I will! The second time I did take pics... see the review below)
1. Poor lighting for photography using my handphone camera.
2. Hungry after waiting for more than 1 hour for my other friends to arrive from KL. (We were early...)

Their website has good links to food review by other bloggers which will give you an idea of how the food looks like.

Anyway, the place was decorated and renovated like the trend you see nowadays. It is quite small with roughly less than 40 pax at a sitting. But what strike me as interesting was the location of the place.

When I saw the map and address, I thought it was situated in one of the bungalows - converted into a Thai restaurant. I was wrong. The restaurant was on the ground floor area of a low-middle cost apartments among the bungalows in Section 17, PJ.
In fact, the eateries around there on the ground floor of the apartments were crowded and well-frequented. The restaurant we visited had a queue outside after 7.30pm! (Besides it being a small restaurant, I find the crowd amazingly good for such a place).

This shows a successful commercial retail area on the lower floor of an apartment (like the HDB in Singapore) unlike what we normally see in the conventional apartments in Malaysia.

We had 2 starters (popiah and fish cake), 4 main dishes (tom som seafood, green curry chicken, otak-otak omellette, fried "paku" vegie with sambal) and our drinks for 4. The whole meal was about RM120 which was not really cheap but filling. Some of the portion could be better but on the whole we did enjoyed our meal.

I liked the way they mixed the brown rice with Jasmine rice. Have you ever ate brown rice by itself? You would not like it but this mixture makes it appetising. :)

We headed over to another restaurant in the next apartment block which was almost full too. We had some drinks and noticed the western menu seems reasonable; opting to try it the next time.

On the whole, I never knew such a place existed and wouldn't mind trying again. Unfortunately, the dessert menu was on a weaker side so we were actually on the prowl for dessert but lazy to venture further for now. Till then, bon appetite! :)

Part 2 - Lunch set in My Elephant
Since I was around the area, brought my bf to check out their RM8.90 set lunch - one meal, one portion of fresh fruit (watermelon) and a drink (2 choices: Thai roselle cooler or Pandan cooler)
There were a few types of dishes available from the green curry with rice to phad thai (as seen below). The green curry was okay (didn't try any since I had it last night) but my bf complained the portion is not enough for him.
I ordered the Phad Tai which was enough for me but a bit disappointing because the ingredients were pathetic. There was only one prawn and small pieces of chicken somewhere in the kuey tiao. Thankfully, I was not that picky so I just ate it.

Lunch time was also packed.. not sure from regular customers but everyone seemed happy with their meals. At least I got to try a little of their mango salad! :)

Hence, here's my second review with photographs! Happy now Alina? :P


Alina said...

LOL, wow, you were serious abt blogging about it. Next time must take photo laa... who'll believe you were there otherwise? :P

PiggiYing said...

hahaha I have witness: you!! :P

Alina said...

LOL... then how to prove *I* was there? Besides my bloated stomach, that is... :(

Alina said...

Ya, ya - thanks! LOL. :)

Mmm! I like pad thai. Don't be harsh la, it's hard to get a decent meal under RM10 nowadays, as long as can full.

Sigh... no more thai food for me for 3 weeks... :P