Wednesday, March 24, 2010

White Screen of Death

I am so sad. I’ve lost 2-3 years of contact numbers in my handphone because I didn’t realize the need to update the software. I’ve taken granted of my trusty handphone: Sony Ericsson Walkman W810i. It’s my 2006 Christmas present from my other half (and it extends to the next few years as a Christmas gift.. ahem)

What happened? Last Saturday, I encountered a new term called “White screen of death”. My trusty handphone stared back at me continuously with a blank white screen despite taking out the battery, sim card, memory card and reinserting it. I was frantically googling about it and even put it in my Facebook (fb) status.

I usually take most of the pictures here with my handphone. So I could only goggled this picture to show you how the white screen looks like. (except mine is not an Iphone)

My google search resulted in “flashing the phone with a programme call DaVinci”. ?!??! Puzzled. My FB friend gave me the Sony Ericsson link to update the software of my phone. Alas, my usb cable was with my bf.

So there goes one whole day without using my handphone. I didn’t feel much impact except that I kept borrowing my bf’s phone to call my parents to ask something. I was a little worried that my bf would scold me for “spoiling his phone” and also a little apprehensive on the need to send the phone to fix or even worse, buy a new one (secretly wondering should I get those new gadgets..... ) !

Thank God, my phone is alive again by Saturday night!! Yipeee, thanks to my bf who revived it. But I only realized and felt the effect by Monday.

1st – My contact numbers were kept in my phone and they literally were gone. I only had contact numbers in the memory card (which was last updated 2-3 years ago) What a horror!!

2nd – My smses (those cute little messages from friends and loved ones) were also gone! Poof!! Disappeared forever.

3rd – My phone settings from speed dial, shortcuts, ring tones, theme were gone. I have to set it all over again (and I think I forgot how! Lol)

Hence, I updated the status in my FB to ask my friends to sms me their numbers. Only 4 people replied back. Oh well, too bad for the rest who won’t receive any calls from me in future. I’ve even emailed some friends’ for their contacts.

Lesson learned? My bf told me the problem occurred because I didn’t “shut down” my phone properly. Well, it happened many times because in my defense, the connection of the battery and the phone is a bit faulty. It tends to shut down by itself.

Now, I have to be extra careful in placing my hp on any surface and quickly learn how to back up the new contact numbers I’ve just keyed in! Argggh…

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