Friday, March 26, 2010

Food Review; Posh Scallop vs Road side Scallop

Last chinese new year (CNY) dinner, we had a special set CNY buffet (RM129) at the Restaurant Sudu in Hilton ,KL Sentral. In the set, we were given choices of a main dish on top of the usual array of buffet at your own picking.

I chose this set thinking it’ll be interesting: Seared scallop with “XO” sauce with somen noodle, burn scallion puree and pickle cucumber.

This is what was served:

First reaction:
Eh? This is the noodle? “So little
Second reaction at first bite into the scallop:
Eh? Why taste so bland? Even a fishball tasted fishier and nicer. This is just bland and slightly chewy.

Sorely disappointed but since it’s a company dinner, I obediently swallowed the rest of the scallops and pour the juice down my throat to clear the taste.

I say presentation is interesting to represent something : is the coin tree? But come on, I’ve tasted better scallops.

For example, these baked scallops with some nuts and herbs I had by the roadside of Ho Chi Minh city… Mmmm… * my mouth salivates* thinking about it.

Pssttt.. and it’s cheaper!! ;)

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