Wednesday, March 03, 2010

An Eeky Story

If there's one thing I am squeamish about, it's something like this...

Sometime last week, I was going to wash my hands in the toilet when I felt something drop onto my head (my hair) from the top.

I thought to myself, "Eh, why is there water dripping in the toilet when there's no pipe above me."

Belated reaction. I let out a quiet shriek (because I'm not normally a screaming person).

The "thing" on top of my head jumped off.

It turned out to be a big fat lizard (which must have been so fat that it fell off the ceiling). Ewww!! Luckily it jumped off and didn't run down my body. Gross!!

Thankfully, I didn't feel the lizard's cold skin on my own bare skin.

It is the same when I accidentally stepped on it. How?  I accidentally stepped on a lizard hiding under the floor mat. Its defense mechanism would be to break off its tail and run off. So all I saw was the independent tail wriggling all over the floor.

When I related my story to my colleague, she shared her own lizard story.

Lizard Story 2

She was cooking sambal belacan with prawn. She just started frying the garlic and sambal in the hot frying pan with cooking oil. Suddenly, she decided to take out her apron to wear.

She pulled out the folded apron and fling it open before putting it on. At the edge of her vision, she thought she saw something flew off.

She didn't bother as she wasn't sure she really saw something and went back to her frying pan. To her horror, she saw a lizard sizzling in the boiling oil with the garlic and sambal.

So remember, look into the food you are eating, you just never know... :P
A lizard might be among the ingredients, happily waiting to jump into your mouth! lol


Serene said...

Have u tried eating lizard and fish curry? Went out for dinner with family in a restaurant at Pandamaran. No wonder the food was so tasty! Surprise! Surprise!

Miu said...


the lizard lost it's grip n fell?!

i once drank a coke .. from tin.. and a live fly was inside.. i rinse my mouth many many times

PiggiYing said...

Serene, I didn't realised your taste is so exotic. Lizard and fish curry. Lol

Aiya Miu... only fly wor.. hehe But flies are quite dirty too. Imagine the places they have flown too. Lol!

My friend jokingly tried to catch a mosquito with his mouth and he really did!! He started to spit it out after that. Lol