Wednesday, March 10, 2010

How to Stop Splurging

TIPS: How to STOP splurging? Get banned from the store!
In fact, when I googled about "avoid shopping", I stumbled upon an interesting blog which had this newspaper article on how to avoid shopping. Get banned from the store!!(courtesy of the reluctant husband or boyfriend who had been waiting for his other half to shop)

That would be really effective, but I don't want to get banned!! Somehow, I've also matured from shopping. Seriously! (I hope)

Amazingly, today I went window shopping and selected a few items for purchase but at the last minute, I decided not to buy it. It happened again in the second store.

Why amazing?
Well, I do indulge in retail therapy once a while and recently, the thrill no longer holds the same sparkle as it used to. Hence, it's amazing to me.

How did that happen?
First, I had no income temporarily. That made me avoid all the New Year and Chinese New Year sales early this year. In fact, I had to patiently wait for my new paycheck to pay my loans.

Secondly, the act of refraining to shop during the Chinese New Year sales, had made me more resistant to the sales.

Thirdly, I'm in the midst of moving hence I realised I already have TOO much stuff. My dad casually mentioned that my room is a store room. Sigh...

When I shop, I ask myself...?
Looking through my stuff has made me asked myself this: (The blue lines is the little voice inside of you who justifies your buys.. lol)

How many more bags do I need? (Yes, that one does really match a dress that I have)

How many more clothes will I buy and not wear? (Maybe I'll lose weight and fit in those someday. Or the trend might come back!)
How many more shoes shall I buy and keep for years?  (But it's so hard to find a nice pair of court shoes!)
How many more magazines shall I keep and collect dust?(But that article inside the page could be useful in future. I just like that outfit in page XXX.)

The list goes on and on..

Hence, what do you think of "Buy Nothing Day"?

Personally, I don't think a day of not buying anything justifies a whole year of consumerism. Lol

I remember browsing an article in the newspaper few months back which mentioned about a group of people who made vows not to shop except buying daily necessities. (Forgot what it is call). The writer shared that it really changed his/her life.

I wonder if I can take it to such an extreme. I still think everything done in moderation is all alright because it's like trying to quit smoking. If you stop shopping cold-turkey, you might get withdrawal syndrome and even worst, bounce back suddenly with excessive shopping in a day!

Meanwhile, I'll just stay at home and be a couch potato! Hope I don't turn into the cat like this!

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