Monday, March 22, 2010

Spa Haul

I was looking for body scrub and some body pampering items when I stumbled upon these goodies at 50% off last weekend. I just couldn't resist. Initially, I was contemplating on spending in Body Shop but just decided to give these a try. :) I found them at the lower shelves in Sasa while waiting for my friend to buy her stuff. Never expected to spend that weekend!!

I got these 5 items for less than RM100 after discounts. 1st set consists of a body shower, body mask & body butter with free bag and loofah.
1st set (from left): Coconut & Shea Body Butter, Coconut & Vanilla Creamy Shower Cleanser ,Detoxfying Clay Face & Body Mask

2nd set consists of the body polish (body scrub) and an intensive hand cream with a free polka-dotted bag & mirror.
2nd set (from left) : One minute miracle body polish, Heavenly Hand Cream

These are from Natio Spa, Australia. Have anyone tried these before? I find the body polish a tad too oily for me but so far, I love the body butter. :) 

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Sherry said...

nice :D hehe.. no try before. so after you try then review yeah :D