Friday, March 12, 2010

A Slithering Experience

As I’ve mentioned in my previous entry, I’m quite squeamish when I accidentally touch a lizard. But what about a snake?

Have you been to the Snake Temple in Penang? Have you tried touching the skin of the snake? I know most have reluctantly or curiously touch a nano-second of it. In fact, I’m one of those people who would not carry a python on my shoulders to snap a picture. (Minus the fact that you will be charged a fee for it)

Snakes found in Penang Snake Temple

So weird enough, when I was in Ho Chi Minh during the Delta Mekong trip, during a tea break, the tour guide brought over a venom-less python over to be photographed by the tourist. After a dozen other tourists in our group did that, I tried too (in my typical Malaysian mind, I told myself – since I don’t need to pay extra surcharge and assumed it is part of the trip – why not?)

Hence, here is a picture of me with the snake shawl on my shoulders! I cannot believe I did it. All I can remember now is how heavy it felt on my shoulder and I couldn’t wait to pass on the snake to someone else in case it decides to be more active. My advice, swallow the fear in your stomach and go for it! Then you’ll get a nice picture like this. Haha!

Obviously, my snake-shawl is not as elegant as the picture below but unique in its own way (plus the python matches my green smurf t-shirt!)


Sherry said...

wow I love the picture and snake!!

so pretty!! long time no go there

Sherry said...

congrats you won miu contest,

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PiggiYing said...

hey sherry.. something wrong with the link of your giveaway... no wonder not many people entered. I lazy to check the script to see the error.. Pls fix that.. :)