Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Proposal

I’ve suddenly recalled about this topic (not the movie) because I’ve met someone who shared the way he proposed to his wife last time. No.. this is also not about my proposal. :p

Anyway, the conversation started because of a guy who rented a giant billboard along the LDP highway to propose to his girlfriend.

The older guy in our group complained about the silliness and expense (RM40,000 billboard) on such a move. He happily shared with us how he proposed to his wife and even acted it out. (This is roughly and not precisely, how I remembered it)

He picked up a calendar and showed it to us. He pointed to a date and said, “That day, ok?”

See. Isn’t that straightforward and simple? Better yet, I made a commitment.” He happily continued.

But, the generation these days are very creative, more expressive of their emotions, unlike the generation before who was brought up with “Children are seen but never heard”.

From my friends, I’ve heard the unique, romantic style, movie-inspired methods. Here are some worth sharing:

Proposal 1
He took her on a river cruise along London River. Suddenly, he was on his knees and he brought out the ring and flowers.

Proposal 2

He sent her out of her apartment on an errand. She came back to a dark apartment lit with candles and rose petals scattered all over the living room; leading to the coffee table with a box in the middle. He came out with roses and bent down to propose to her.

Proposal 3

He brought her to a holiday and secretly conspired with the restaurant on his intent. She unknowingly entered the restaurant (was told it was a free meal – part of the tour) and sat at a specially decorated table. Music was played and he proposed to her.

Proposal 4
He invited her to a special dinner and had friends secretly recorded the proposal. He left her at the table to change into a specially-designed t-shirt which wrote “Will you marry me?”. He came out with roses and the ring. Then proposed on his knees.

Well, doesn’t those example make you go “Awwwww”? When I told someone this, he grunted and ignored me. I don’t know if it’s good that men are more expressive or will these “minority group” give too much pressure to the remaining “caveman” men we have around us. ;)

Good luck, all you cavemen out there!

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