Tuesday, July 07, 2009


When I have something urgent to do, that's when my itch to do other things will appear. Why, oh why?

Anyway, here are some things I want to do now but I can't/should not till August.

1. Sports
- To swim twice a week (excuse for not to - injured knee slightly),
- Badminton once a week (promised friends since April till now.. :P)
- Gym once a week (to force someone else to go and utilise the membership!! Blindly paying money for what?!?)

2. Crafts
- Amigurumi (will blog about it one day after I tried it!)
- Scrap book of my last travel (few years delayed already)

3. De-clutter

- Remove 50% of my stored stuff
- Remove 50% of my never-worn cum hope-to-fit-in-it-again clothings
- Remove clutter on horizontal surfaces (found some good sites on declutter - wait for another entry)

4. Find a ministry

- Tried writing articles but couldn't "fit in to the crowd" Sigh
- Maybe something that doesn't need my mind like traffic marshall or ushering. Any suggestions?

5. Personal improvement

*top secret* haahah

Meanwhile, back to "work"!

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