Monday, July 13, 2009

Student mode

It feels so stressful to be studying again after years of working. I really wonder how some people can do it together. It's very hard to concentrate your energy and time on one item itself!

Hence, I'm quite aghast that my face decided to act like a teenager (thinking I'm taking SPM again). Pimples and acne start sprouting on my face till my bf says I'm farming pimples!! *sob*

Temporarily I have to endure these bumps on my face till the end of my exams. After that I hope the stress level will go down and miraculously heal. Or not, unfortunately, I might have to get a second opinion from another dermatologist or take the advice of the dermatologist I met last month who suggested I take Roaccutane! (Don't want!!)

In the meantime, I tell myself "FOCUSSS!!"

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