Monday, July 20, 2009

Free Makeover

It's quite fun to go to makeovers. You get primped and dolled up like someone who is pretty for a moment... I know, some ladies do it daily but I am not adept at doing it so I like trying out makeovers for fun.

It'll even be more fun going with a bunch of friends and thankfully, I have tried 2 times. Wonder when will be the next time, ladies? Hmmm..

Hence, when I found out there would be a free makeover, I thought I'll just try it out. From reading miu's blog, I've managed to try Ascience Free Makeover and now, the Bobbi Brown free makeover which I'll try out end of this month.

However, I wonder, if it's really good for the skin. I've heard that the makeup artist do not wash the makeup brushes? *shrug*

Perhaps, it's best to makeup yourself and experiment it if you have a time. But for now, my skin has started to protest and is staging a riot with pimples popping.. Sigh and I've reduced myself to recovery. Hopefully-to recover in time for the wedding dinners I have to go towards these few months. Help!

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