Thursday, July 09, 2009

Sugar Gliders

I wonder if I have what it takes to look after a pet. Last week, I was bored and decided to google about sugar gliders. These cute little creatures are widely kept as pets in Malaysia these days. Never heard of them when I was younger..

My bf was sharing to me that many working adults keep Sugar Gliders (SG) because they are nocturnal animals. They can easily keep their SG in their pockets (don't ask me which pocket!) to work and only when they go home, will the SG wake up and run about in their cage or the place. Ermm.. I heard of a lady who keeps her SG very close to her heart..(underneath her clothes) if you get what I mean... The men are so jealous when they heard this.

Oh yes, why the need to bring SG to work? Because they need a min of 1-2 hours of bonding a day.... Then you'll really have a lovable pet who will not be afraid of you. :)

But the main thing that caught my attention was their food! The SG owners have shared a rather intensive posting in LYN on what is needed to care for a SG. SG needs a specific large cage with a sleeping pouch. They have special diets like Slurp or HPW diet (do refer to the thread I have linked). You can see pictures of owners packing all the food separately and nicely. E.g. for 3 servings of vegies and 3 serving of different fruits (I don't even eat one serving a day sometime!)
All pictures are kidnapped from the thread.. so it's better to read there directly, if you are interested in getting a pair of SG!

It's amazingly detailed and careful how the owners of SG are of their pets. I wonder if their other half is jealous of the attention SG gets. ;) Oh yeah, someone even posted pictures in sequence of his SG giving birth!!

In conclusion, should I get a pair of SG? Nah, not for now - no place and time to care for the little fellow. In fact, I'm still pinning for a puppy (even higher maintenance and needs more space). So I shall happily pet the nearest animal I can find.... here kitty kitty (my neighbour's multitude of cats.) That is if they let me pet them. ;)

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