Saturday, July 04, 2009

Makeup Brush Storage

I have gotten the itch to own makeup brushes recently due to a clearance sale and a sudden interest in makeup. Hence, I have a quite small collection which made me think about keeping it nicely.

Googling about the idea of storing makeup brush proved interesting. Here are some ideas.

1. Makeup Brush Set
If you're lucky, when you buy your makeup brushes, they come in nice little cases like these. They look so comfy in their own stylish closet or box.
2. Makeup Brush Tin/Can
This is a convenient way to grab your brushes whenever you need them. Put them into a can (like the Stila can) or a glass jar. In fact, I found out some people are so creative that they decorated their jar. This was based on a competition to DIY Sephora-inspired make-up brush holder as follows. Click on the pictures to return to the original website of the pictures.

But personally, to me they look nice but wouldn't the sand or whatever decoration item you put inside the jar dirty your brushes handle? So.. on to the next option.

3. Makeup Brush Roll
This is the most common storage available. Some come ready with their own; while some can buy it separately.
In fact, I've found a few good website which shows how you can even make your own makeup brush roll with step-by-step method.

Example 1: 'Dollar Store Craft' - Make a Placemat Makeup Brush Roll
Example 2: Cut out + Keep- Makeup Brush Roll

Example 3:

There's this website which creatively uses a small bamboo mat into a makeup brush roll. Although I wonder if it'll be good for your bristle. Wouldn't it get stuck in between the bamboo gaps? Hmm... I found bamboo mat for this in 100 Yen shop for only RM4.90! But not sure if I want to make one like this.
4. Makeup Brush storage
Perhaps you can buy stuff from Ikea to store your makeup brushes and makeup like what ParisB did. (Check out her website for more details)

Another blogger recommends using this method of storing her brushes.

Whatever method you choose, as long as it's convenient to you and protect your brushes. :)

For now, I'll just leave them in the can (but what about dust???) and some of my brushes in their original makeup brush roll. However, the DIY-makeup-brush roll looks interesting. Perhaps I'll bribe my mum to sew one for me... lol. Will keep you updated when I have decided. :)


Miu said...

good post!

:) well written

so which one r u opting for?

Anonymous said...

Where can I buy the first one? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

hey where can i buy the first one[black case].It will be quite helpful.thanks in advance

PiggiYing said...

Sorry dear.. I just google for images. Don't know where to buy them. If I'm not mistaken it is a set brush with the case together.