Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Post Christmas

Another Christmas passed by....

As usual, everyone thinks Christmas is about the joy of giving, eating and having fun together.
As a festive season, that is very true.
But "technically", it's a time to remember our Lord Jesus Christ too and be thankful for all His favours upon us.

This year, I was co-hosting a mini BBQ and ended up dog-sitting most of the time while neglecting some of my guests. Lol. Will upload some pictures of the food as I didn't take much pictures then.

Like all "parties", there will be an over supply of food and we ended up eating chicken wings for few meals after. The chocolate cake I got from Cold Storage was only eaten about a quarter. Candy canes I bought for kids were untouched and now distributed to colleagues in the office.

Presents still lay untouched and the Christmas tree still blinks happily in the living room. I dropped by a shopping mall yesterday and heard Chinese New Year songs all over...

How is your post Christmas?

Meanwhile, what is you New Year resolution and plans? Usually I avoid New Year celebrations like a plague because I am fearful of congestion and traffic (vehicles and humans alike). I wonder, should I dare to take the risk this year? Hmphh..

p.s. Will share a food review for Christmas dinner instead... it was simple, delicious and most importantly, no gluttony from overeating! ;)

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