Friday, December 16, 2011

It's a Porky Day

Seriously, some days you don't feel like doing anything.. you feel like laying down somewhere on a nice beach with the sounds of the lapping waves and smell of sea breeze minus the horrid scorching-cancerous sun (you have to be under a shaded umbrella). You wish for a nice cool drink and the strong hands of a masseurs on your back. Aahhh...

If only..

Reality, the commitment makes you stressed. You work hard to pay bills every month. You think many many times before splurging on anything to your fancy. When you think you have saved some money, suddenly your car breaks down...

Whhhyyy?? Why this horrid rat race in circles over the "so-called-cheese" we might obtain eventually?

This make me think that it's time like this, I'm glad I have God. If there is no God, you might think there is no purpose to life with all these meaningless race. You might think what kind of purpose there is for tormenting silly fools like us. You might think it's no point to live.

But in the end, I myself must remember this, "God put us here for a reason. God wants to use us for His purpose. We must always work towards fulfilling His purpose and the ultimate end." In the meantime, He does give us possession to care for and to use to help others. He gives us blessing and also hardship. But most of all, everything happens for a reason. He will always give a way out to problems and hardships.

So I tell myself today "It's a Porky Day". Why?

Coz I wish to be a pig to blindly pig through the day and wait for my waddle in the mud at the end of the day. Here's an "oink" and a cute little piggy picture to you then! :p

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