Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Tree story

My friend, Alina, shared a story of hers about a little Christmas tree and how it brought everyone together. I thought it'll be nice to share and remember this by.

My two friends, A &C, who were working together stumbled upon a little plastic Christmas tree at a bargain. It was about not more than 3 feet height and at an unbelievable price. (hint - maybe the price of a simple mixed meal). RM4.90. Seriously.

They decided to buy it and put it in a corner in the office. In fact, they didn't think about buying decorations yet. One of their colleague dropped by and offered to lend some Christmas decorations. So the tree became slightly lively.

Another colleague offered to buy Christmas lights to decorate the tree.

Then slowly one by one... the little Christmas tree became alive with lovely decorations and lights to bring cheer to dreary offices we usually work in. ;) My friends happily laughed at the fact that their decorations cost more than the Christmas tree and it was sponsored by their colleagues.

That was about 5-6 years ago? Lol maybe I should get precise info from the owners of this story.

Not to sure if they put up the tree yearly in their house during these past few years but when they moved out of their house, it was left in storage over at another friend's place.

Till Alina decided to tell her friend to use it and she wasn't even sure if the decoration items were there. In the end, this is how that Christmas tree looked like this year. It was carefully decorate and even perched up higher on another box with the lights wrapping it all the way to the floor.

So the little Christmas tree continues to bring life and joy to others... till next year.. ;)

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